How to remove default contact pictures on Samsung Galaxy S4 ?

If you find the default contact pictures on Samsung Galaxy phone a bit creepy (Yes, I’m talking about the weird-looking-smiley-face images), you might wish to change them for all your contacts.

While I have yet to find a method that allow me to change the default pictures without going to each contact, I came across one app that might help to speed up the assigning of the right photos to your contacts.

Contact Picture Sync (Free) is the app I’m referring to. This app will download your friends profile pictures from Facebook and set them to your local phone contacts.

Here’s how it works in general:

  1. On your Galaxy phone, install the Contact Picture Sync from Google Play.
  2. After the installation, launch the Contact Picture Sync, tap the Connect with Facebook button, and then login with your Facebook ID.
    connect with facebook button
  3. Next, this app will show you a list of all your friends and their facebook profile pictures. If there is a match to a name in your contacts, it will show you the picture . Well, there are few things you can do here:
    1. If the match isn’t correct, long tap the name, and then select Unlink.
      unlink option
    2. You can also long tap a name, and then select Manual Link to Contact to choose the contact that you know matches this particular name.
      manual link to contact option
  4. Once you’ve done with matching, tap the Sync Picture button to start copying the photos to your phone.

Note: You can uninstall the Contact Picture Sync if you wish to, the pictures will still be remained on your contacts.

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