How to Setup Daydream (Screen Saver) for Galaxy S4 ?

Daydream feature, new in Android 4.2, lets your Android device display useful and delightful information such as photo albums, news, time and date when idle or docked. In a more familiar term, it’s the screen saver for your Android device.

To enable Daydream on your Galaxy S4, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. On your phone, go to home Settings > My device > Display.
  2. Slide the Daydream switch to the right to turn it on.
    settings daydream switch
  3. Next, tap the Daydream to start the customization.
  4. First, select the item that you would like to display. In a default setup, you have the following options: Colors, Flipboard, Photo Frame and Photo Table.daydream display items
  5. If you’re going for either Flipboard, Photo Frame or Photo table, you can tap the Settings icon to further personalize the things that you wish to display. For example, choosing an album/folder for the Photo frame and Photo table options.
  6. Next, tap Select dream time to select when do you want the Daydream to be shown.
    select dream time

Are there apps for Daydream ?

In a default setup, you’ve limited options (only ColorsFlipboardPhoto Frame and Photo Table in Galaxy S4) of what you want to display when “daydreaming”.

If you want more, you’ve got to get the apps that make use of this feature on the Google Play. Once downloaded, they will be added to the list of Daydream options automatically.

Good news:  There are quite a number of them. Do a search of using the “Daydream” keyword will list down most of them in the results.

So instead of giving you a long list of apps, I picked 5 that I’ve personally tried and like.

  1. ClockPlus DayDream – Display clock in either digital or analogue form. Other optional information to put on screen are battery status, unread Gmail, SMS and missed calls.
    clockplus daydream clockplus daydream settings
  2. Lucid DayDream Screensaver – Pretty much similar to ClockPlus DayDream, but it features additional information such as upcoming appointments, RSS feeds and Weather.
    lucid daydream screensaver lucid daydream screensaver settings
  3. Daydream Quotes – Display popular quotes.
    daydream quotes daydream quotes settings
  4. Website Daydream – Display your company homepage or favourite website. Just enter the URL that you wish to display. You can enable the touchable (or navigable) option and determine the frequency of the content refresh.
    website daydream website daydream settings
  5. Daydream Mirror – This app creates a mirror using the front camera when “daydreaming”. Well, this is something special !

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