How to Setup HTC One (M7) Online ?

You can setup and personalize your HTC One online from the comfort of a computer and then apply these settings to your phone.

You can do this before or after you’ve purchased the HTC One. For this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate the steps that involve doing it during the HTC One initial setup.

But if you’re more interested in doing the online setup before getting the phone, kindly refer to this guide.

  1. During the HTC One initial setup, tap Set up from scratch on the Set up phone screen.
    setup phone screen
  2. Next, on the Fast and easy setup screen, tap Get Started.
    fast and easy setup screen
  3. Follow the instructions presented on HTC One: Access using your computer’s web browser, enter the code given and then click Get Started.
    fast and easy setup screen_2
  4. Next, choose the country where you purchased your HTC One, and then click Get Started again.
    htc get started screen
  5. You start by choosing a personalized theme, and follow by the customizations of Feeds, Applications, Sounds, Bookmarks, Wallpapers and Lock Screens. After you’re done with each step, click Next Step. Note: If for some reason you feel like skipping all the customizations, you can click Skip to Finish.
    personalize your experience screen
  6. On the Add Accounts screen, click a type of account you want, enter your email address and password, and then click Next Step. Repeat this step for all the accounts that you would like to setup.
    add account screen
  7. After you’ve done with all the accounts, click Finish.
    almost there screen
  8. Now, create and sign in to your HTC Account to save all the configured settings. Alternatively, you can sign with a Facebook ID.
    one last step screen
  9. Back to your HTC phone, now you can tap the Already finished on your computer ? and easy setup screen_3
  10. Press OK if you’re prompted for a confirmation.
  11. Now, sign in using either your HTC or Facebook account that have all the settings saved in Step 8.
  12. It doesn’t take long for the phone to load the settings. Once it’s done, you will see a “Congratulations!” prompt. Tap Ok to continue the initial setup.
    congratulations prompt

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