How to Setup Hotmail/Live Mail as ActiveSync on Galaxy S4 ?

You can follow these steps to setup Hotmail/Live email account using Exchange ActiveSync on your Samsung Galaxy S4:

  1. Tap Add account in your stock email client Settings.
  2. On the Set up email screen, enter your username, password and tap Manual setup.
    set up email screen
  3. On the Add email account screen, tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
    add email account
  4. On the Exchange server settings screen, you should have the following fields filled. Once done, tap Next to continue.
    1. Email address: Your full Hotmail address
    2. Domain\username: \Your full Hotmail address
    3. Password: Your Hotmail password.
    4. Exchange server:
    5. Select Use secure connection (SSL) checkbox.
      exchange server settings
  5. If you see a warning prompt, tap Ok to continue.
  6. On the Account options screen, you can customize the sync settings. Once done, tap Next.
    account option
  7. And lastly on the Set up email screen, enter an unique account name and tap Done.
    account name

Note: At the time of writing this guide, the bug of unable to change the display name on emails sent from your phone using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync still unresolved. For more info. read this thread.

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  1. Paul says

    Hi I have followed the above but it still does not actively sync and notify me when mail arrives.
    I noticed that at the exchange sever page, although i have keyed in ‘’, it will always go back to
    ‘’. Is this the problem?

  2. Sephra says

    Hello, every time i try to setup my email I keep getting the following message:

    “Security Warning”
    “There are problems with security certificate for this site.”

  3. patrick says

    Hello, I’ve followed the steps suggested but I still get a messaging saying the device failed to authenticate email address. However I know the credentials are correct and when I downloaded the outlook app, im able to access the email address. Any suggestions?

    • Ethan says

      I suspect your hotmail/live might have upgraded to, which is the plan of Microsoft since beginning of this year. Try using the following settings.

      Server address:
      User name: Your email address
      Password: Your password
      TLS/SSL encryption required: Yes

  4. Anthony says

    But how do you change the outgoing name? when the other party receives my email the name attached is the beginning part of my email address. On my Note 2 you would need to fast press the ‘Your Name’ field before it disappeared. I don’t even seen it pop up now?

  5. Mitch says

    I have an error with my hotmail account. I have 2 emails set up on phone, a hotmail and a live account. My live email I have no issues with. My hotmail account I will open emails and then randomly ones I have opened already will re appear as not opened. How do I resolve this?

  6. says

    tnx for the tip to load the Hotmail email acc on my Samsung s4, looks I have all right, but when I try to send emails from my Samsung on this account and error comes up

    unable to sign or encrypt message
    certificate not installed

    when I try to add a certificate off the phone, it says none ?