How to Locate and Remote Control Your Lost Galaxy S4 ?

Losing your Galaxy S4 can be a disaster as there’s potential that your highly personal data will fall into the wrong hands. That’s why Samsung offers the SamsungDive (also known as Find My Mobile) service which lets you track your lost phone and initiate control remotely to perform certain functions such as factory reset.

But in order to use this service, you’ll first need to set it up on your Galaxy S4.

  1. On your Galaxy S4, go to home Settings > More > Security > Remote controls.
  2. On the Remote controls screen, tap the + sign next to Add account.
  3. Now, you can either sign-in or create a new Samsung account.
  4. Once you’re done, ensure the Remote controls is switched on, and the Use wireless networks option is checked
    remote controls screen
  5. Next, you can login to using your PC web browser.
  6. The site will first check if your phone is online or offline. In order for your phone to appear online, you need to have either mobile data or Wi-Fi turned on.

Once SamsungDive has successfully detected your phone is online, you can execute any of the following functions :

a. Locate my mobile

On this page, you can either click Locate my mobile to show your phone’s whereabouts on the map or click Start Tracking to track your phone movement at 15-minute intervals for 12 hours.
locate my mobile screen

b. Lock my mobile

You can initiate to lock your phone remotely with a new PIN and display a customizable warning message. While the phone is locked, you can set a number which it can call.
lock my mobile screen

This is what you’ll see on Galaxy S4
phone locked lock screen

c. Ring my mobile

Ring your lost phone for 1 minute with the highest volume and display a customizable message on the screen.
ring my mobile

d. Call / Message forwarding

You can forward both received calls and messages to a different number. Note: video calls are not forwarded.
call message forwarding screen

e. Call logs

Click Retrieve call logs to get the call logs of last 7 days.
call logs screen

f. Wipe my mobile

Using the Wipe function, you can delete the data on a removable storage (e.g. external memory and SIM cards) and on your mobile. To do that, select the appropriate option, agree with the terms and conditions, enter the password and click Wipe.
wipe my mobile screen

g. Unlock my mobile

Click the Unlock button to unlock your phone and reset the lock screen security to Swipe
unlock my screen

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  1. Mike M says

    I recently purchased a S4 from Verizon and can’t seem to find this setting. Is there another way to access this feature?