How to “Bump” Contacts & Pics Between iPhone and Galaxy S4 ?

Bumping contacts or pictures between iPhone and Galaxy S4 Android is easy, but you do need the following items to make it works:

  1. Bump apps on both the iPhone and Galaxy S4.
  2. Location services on both phones.
  3. Internet connection on both phones.

Once you’ve got those things ready, you’re good to go.

Let’s take transferring a contact from iPhone to Galaxy S4 to illustrate how Bump works.

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy and turn on Location Services. After that, make sure Bump has accessed to Location Services data by turning it On.
    iphone location services privac
  2. [Only required for transferring contacts] On your iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Contacts and make sure Bump has accessed to Contacts by turning it On.
    iphone contacts privacy
  3. Now, launch the Bump app on your iPhone, and then flip to the Choose Contacts screen.
  4. Tap the contact that you would like to transfer to Galaxy S4. Tip: Tap Select all if you want transfer all contacts.
    bump contacts screen
  5. On your Galaxy S4, launch the Bump app.
  6. Next, hold both the phones and gently bump hands together.
  7. Click Connect on both phones and the contact will be transferred over to Galaxy S4 and save to the Gmail account that’s specified in the Settings.
    iphone bump s4

Something you might want to know:

If you’ve more than 1 Gmail account on your Galaxy S4, you can go to Bump Settings to select the Gmail account that will save the received contacts.

In my testing, I needed to restart the phone or restart the app by doing a “force stop” on Bump app in the Application Manager in order for the new selection to take immediate effect. Hopefully, you’ve better luck than me.

bump settings

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