How to Disable Push Notification Ads on Galaxy S4 ?

Have you ever seen an app advertisement in your Galaxy S4’s notification bar ? And have you ever wonder which app actually generates this ?

While Google is starting to crack down on apps that abuse notifications, but many apps still use them.

Therefore, if you happen to come across an app that constantly generates pesky ads, kindly follow the steps below to disable them.

  1. When you see a push advertisement appear on the notification bar, you can drag the bar down.
  2. Tap and hold the notice until the App info box appears.
  3. Tap the App info box. You should see the “culprit” that generates this push notification.notification panel
  4. Now, uncheck Show notifications to “mute” this app.
    app info

Using AppBrain Ad Detector

If you suspect there could be more apps on your phone that posses this spammy behavior, try using the AppBrain Ad Detector app to confirm your suspicion.

  1. Install AppBrain Ad Detector from Google Play.
  2. Launch the AppBrain Ad Detector and then tap Show concerns on the main screen.
  3. Tap the Push Ads option to see the list of apps that detected to generate the unwelcomed ads.
    push ads option
  4. Next, you can tap on one of the apps to see more details.
    push ads category
  5. Here, you can tap the Settings icon to get to the App info screen, or X sign to uninstall the app.
    appbrain ad detector

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  1. Wyss says

    My ad culprit is SystemUi for my samsung S4 and I really want to get read of them, they are very very very very annoying. I tried different programs like airpush detector or Adblock plus but it ain’t working, in the end the question comes to, do you want to disable systemUi which I kind don’t really want to. Any alternatives?

    • Ethan says

      hmm..are you using a customized theme or custom rom ? As far as I know, systemui is the service for status bar, you can’t really disable or uninstall it. You might want to try seeking advice from some of the Android forums before doing anything.