How to Save Pictures from Email app to an Album on Galaxy S4 ?

As of the current version of Android (4.2.2) on Galaxy S4, all picture attachments save from the email app go directly to the Download folder. There isn’t an option for you to change the destination folder.

But, if you really wish to have them saved to another folder or as you would call it, album, here are the 2 workarounds:

i) Move the downloaded pictures to an album

After tapping Save on an email, the image gets downloaded to the Download folder. Next, you can follow the steps below to move it to the folder you want.

  1. Launch the My Files app, go to All files > Device storage > Download
  2. Select the picture files, tap the Menu icon on the top right corner and select Move.
    move option
  3. Next, go to the folder that you want these pictures to be in and then tap Move here.
    move here option

ii) Preview with 3rd party gallery app

This method involves installing a 3rd party gallery app onto your Galaxy S4. While there are plenty of such apps that you can try, but I’m going to use QuickPic here as an example.

  1. On your email Attachments tab, tap Preview.
    email preview
  2. If you have QuickPic installed, you should see the Complete action using prompt.
  3. Tap QuickPic and then select either Always or Just once. It’s up to your own preference. (As a side note, read this article to understand the Complete action using prompt)
    complete action using
  4. Once you have the picture opened with QuickPic, tap the Menu button (next to the Home button) and select Move to.
  5. Next, choose the album you would like this picture to be in.

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