Samsung Galaxy S4 Keyboard User’s Guide

This simple guide will help you in familiarizing the Galaxy S4 pre-installed keyboard.

1. Close the keyboard

This one is easy. Always tap the hardware Back button (next to the Home button) to close the virtual keyboard.

2. Upper Case keys

Double-tap the Up Arrow key to switch all the alphabet keys to upper case. And one more tap will switch them back to lower case.
shift key

3. .Com key and more

When you’re entering a URL in the browser’s address bar, you can tap and hold the .com key to get more domain extension options.
dot com key

4. Punctuation marks

Tap and hold (2 sec) the full stop key for quick access to more punctuation marks.
full stop key

5. Accented and Special characters

You can get accented and special characters by tapping and holding some of the alphabet keys.
special character

6. Change the Language

If 2 or more languages are selected in keyboard settings, swipe the space key to change the language.

7. Swype feature

“Swype” is a method of text input which allows you to sweep on the keypad, in order to create a word. To activate the “Swype” feature, go to home Settings > My device > Language and input > Samsung keyboard > and then select the Continuous input option.
continous input option

8. Google voice typing

To enable voice typing, go to home Settings > My device > Language and input > and select Google voice typing. On the virtual keyboard, you can change to Google voice typing by long tapping the customizable key (next to the space bar) and then select the Microphone icon.
google voice typing

9. Predictive text

To enable predictive text feature, go home Settings > My device > Language and input > Samsung keyboard settings, and then swipe the Predictive text switch to the right.
predictive text

10. Change keyboard type

While typing an SMS, note, email and etc, you can drag the notification bar downward and then tap Select input method to change the keyboard type.
select input method

11. Floating keyboard

Tap the customizable key, and then select the Floating keyboard option.
floating keyboard key

12. Install 3rd party keyboard

If you don’t seem to get along with the pre-installed Samsung keyboard, there are plenty of alternatives on Google Play.

Using the highly rated Swiftkey keyboard as an example, I will show you how to install and make it as the default keyboard on your Galaxy S4.

  1. Install Swiftkey keyboard from Google Play.
  2. Go to home Settings > My device > Language and input > to select the SwiftKey checkbox.
  3. To make SwiftKey as the default keyboard, go to home Settings > My device > Language and input > Default and change the keyboard.
    default keyboard swiftkey

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