How to Use Custom Ringtones, Notifications & Alarms on Galaxy S4 ?

Don’t seem to like the pre-loaded ringtones or alarm music on your Galaxy S4 ?  Follow the steps below to transfer your own music files from your PC to Galaxy S4, and use them as the caller ringtones, message alerts or alarm music.

  1. Connect your Galaxy S4 to the PC using the provided USB cable.
  2. Open up your PC Windows Explorer, access the phone storage, and you should see many folders such as Alarms, Albums, and etc.
  3. In order for your music files to appear during the selection, you have to put them into the folders with right naming convention such as “ringtones”, “notifications” and “alarms”. However, it really doesn’t matter if these folders are primary or sub-folders, or whether they’re in the phone or external SD card storage. For tutorial, I’ve created a “ringtones” folder following the naming convention in the external SD card and put the music files into it.
    ringtones folder
  4. Once you have the music files transferred to your phone, they should appear in the ringtone, notification and alarm selection list accordingly.
    ringtones list

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