How to Block An Incoming Number on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 ?

Tired of endless calls from exes or telemarketers ? Well, you can block these numbers to your Samsung Galaxy S3 with the following simple steps:

  1. On your Galaxy S3, launch the Phone app.
  2. Tap the Options key and then select Call settings.
  3. Tap Call rejection.
  4. Slide the Auto reject mode switch to the right to turn on automatic call rejection.
    auto reject mode option
  5. Tap Auto reject mode and then select either All numbers or Auto reject numbers.
    auto reject mode
  6. If you’re selecting Auto reject numbers, tap Auto reject list to add the numbers you want to block.
  7. Tap + sign.
  8. Enter the number and select the matching criteria. To understand how each matching criteria works, I’ll explain using the telephone number +1 215-238-1661 as an example.

    1. Same as – If the incoming number is showing +1 215-238-1661 on your phone, you have to enter the complete number (which includes + sign, country and area codes) to block this number.
    2. Start with – By entering the first few digits such as +1215 would block +1 215 238-1661 and any phone number starting with +1215 from ringing.
    3. End with – Enter the last few digits such as 1661 will stop +1 215-238-1661 or any other phone number ending with 1661 from getting through.
    4. Includes – For this matching criteria, you can enter any consecutive numbers found in +1 215-238-1661 to block it.
  9. Now, to view the log for rejected calls, you can go to Phone app > Logs > tap Option key > select View by > select Rejected calls.

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