How to Hide a Video or Picture Folder from the Gallery on Samsung Galaxy S3 ?

Wishing you could hide a folder from showing up in the Gallery ?

While there are many security apps that can help to hide or password protect a folder, you might wish to do it without learning a new app.

If that’s the case, read on to find out how to hide and unhide a folder using an Android’s fundamental feature.

i. To hide a folder from the Gallery:

[Update 23/8/2013] – If you’ve upgraded your Galaxy S3 to the latest firmware such as Android 4.1.2 and above, the below steps will no longer make your folder hidden. Now, you can either use the My Files app to put a “.” in front of the folder’s name that you want to hide or use the nomedia file method.

In Android, you can make a folder invisible by putting a “.” in front of the folder’s name. Therefore, to hide a folder from the Gallery, you just need to rename the folder with a “.” in front.

But, before you execute the steps below to hide the folder/sub-folder, it’s good that you KNOW where’s the folder/sub folder located. It helps you to get to the folder using My Files when you wish to “unhide” it later. Here’s 1 method to find out the album location.

  1. On your phone, open the Gallery app.
  2. Long tap the folder that you would like to hide.
  3. Next, tap the Options key and then select Rename.
  4. Enter a full-stop in front of the existing name and tap OK.
    Rename a Folder
  5. Done, the folder is hidden now.

ii. To unhide a hidden folder

  1. On your phone, launch the My Files app.
  2. Tap the Options key and then select Settings.
  3. Check Show hidden files.
    My Files Settings
  4. Now, all the hidden folders should be visible in My Files.
  5. Next, get to the folder and rename it to take away the . to make it visible. Tip: If you don’t know where’s the folder, try the Search feature in the My Files app.

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    • Ethan says

      Once you’ve enabled show hidden file in the My Files app, you can use the Search function to look for the folder/album that you’ve hidden.

  1. kia says

    it worked. but after I tried to recover my folder, other pictures from other folders were in it and all of my pictures rotated. So now all of my pictures aren’t focused.

  2. JC says

    Nope, this doesnt work anymore. It WILL hide the folder, but recovery is not so simple. Here’s the solution, from another user on another forum. (I was panicking for a few mins, but this works):
    I did the same thing and I tore my phone apart to figure out how to get them back. What you do is go to “my files” in the apps menu. Click on the “documents” folder, click on “pictures” and find whatever you renamed your folder and press and hold to rename again. Drop the “.” And give it a few seconds it will reappear in the gallery.

  3. josh says

    So I tried this and it succeeded in hiding the folder however I cannot find that folder anywhere on my phone. And I have it set to show hidden files.

  4. Jeffrey Wong says

    Dear Ethan thank you so much for the tips, however, i can still see the picture that i hide in The Gallery folder. I went to my files folder, yes it is hidden. Any suggestions what I should do? Thank you.

    • Ethan says

      For some reason, it doesn’t seem to work now (like it used to be) when you change the filename in Gallery. In that case, you can change the filename using the My Files app. Tested on my side. Alternatively, you can place a .nomedia in the folder that you do not want to be visible in Gallery. The guide is here. But bear in mind that using .nomedia doesn’t make the folder hidden.