How to Transfer RSS feeds from Google Reader to Taptu ?

After having transferred the Google Reader RSS feeds to Pulse, I’m now doing it for Taptu app (Free).

Like Pulse, Taptu has an Android app, iOS app and a web-based version which is quite an ideal solution for those that own gadgets in different OSes.

To import Google Reader RSS feeds to Taptu:

Note: You can do the importing on both Android and iOS apps. But, the following steps are explained using the Android version.

    1. On your Android device, install the Taptu app and then open it.
    2. On the Welcome screen, choose an account to login. For this tutorial, I’ll go ahead with Google.
    3. Login to your Google account. If prompted, tap Grand access.
    4. Follow the rest of the on screens to complete the setup.
    5. Now, tap + and then select RSS tab.
    6. On the RSS tab, tap Log in. If you’re logged in using other accounts except Google in step 2, you’ll be asked to login with your Google account here.
    7. Next, you should see a list of feeds that are retrieved from Google Reader. Tap the + sign for the feeds that you would like to add to Taptu.


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