TV Series: Watch Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese TV Series on Android for Free

Android app – TV Series from Jumplife

If your favorite pastime is watching Asian drama series, perhaps you should checkout the TV Drama app from Jumplife (free).

Compiling the TV series from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China, the app is here to keep you entertained while commuting to work or waiting for friends to turn up for appointments.

The fact that the videos are streamed from Youtube or Daily Motion means the loading speed should be generally good even though you’re on mobile data connection.


Which version did you try ?

TV Drama from Jumplife – 1.0.20

How to use this app ?

  1. Select the category of either Taiwan, Korea, Japan or China.
  2. Tap to select a drama.
  3. Here, you can tap the + sign to add to your favorites, read the drama introduction (most of them are in Chinese) or start watching by tapping the episode number.
    TV Drama App

What gadget did you use to test this app ?

Samsung Galaxy S3 (I9300) – Android 4.1.2

What do you like about this app ?

  1. It’s free for both the app and series.
  2. The fact that the videos are streaming from the technologically advanced video-sharing sites such as Youtube and Daily Motion means I can view it using my mobile data connection without lag.

Things you should know about this app ?

  1. There’s no Hong Kong TVB series on this app.
  2. All videos are stored in 3rd-party video-sharing sites. This app merely compiles, organizes the links (to videos) and displays them according to each drama.
  3. This app is mostly in Chinese.
  4. It did crash on my Galaxy S3 once in a while.

Where can you download this app ?

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