How to Personalize Your HTC Windows Phone 8X ?

(This is part of the My HTC Windows Phone 8X Quick Start Guide Series)

Ready to make your HTC Windows Phone 8X truly yours ? Here’s a list of settings you can change base on your own preference.

a. Pin your favorite items on the Start Screen

You can Pin anything you want on the Start Screen: apps, songs, files, contacts, map locations, websites and more.

Simply tap and hold the item until the menu appears, and then select pin to start.

To resize, move and delete a tile, simply tap and hold it, then adjust according to your needs.
Edit Tiles

b. Change the theme colour

To change the background and tile/icon color, go to app list > settings > theme. Choose your color for Background (dark or light) and Accent colour.
Settings Theme

c. Customize the lock screen: background and password

To customize the lock screen, go to app list > settings > lock screen. Here, you can change the lock screen background, select the app for quick and detailed status, and enable password.

d. Change the screen timeout

To change the idle screen timeout, go to app list > settings > lock screen > Screen times out after

e. Change the ringtone

To change the ringtones, go to app list > settings > ringtones+sounds > Ringtone

For individual contact ringtone, go to each contact in People to choose a different ringtone.

f. Change the notification tones

To change the notification tones, go to app list > settings > ringtones+sounds.  You can choose the notification tones for text, voicemail, email separately.

g. Turn off keypad sound

To turn off the dial pad, keyboard tapping sound, go to app list > settings > ringtones+sounds > uncheck Key press.

h. Change language

To change the language, go to app list > settings > language+region > Phone language. Note: After you’ve selected a new language, the phone needs to be restarted.
Language and Region

i. Add additional input language

To add additional keyboard, go to app list > settingskeyboard > add keyboard
Keyboard and Add Keyboards

j. Change SIM PIN

To change SIM PIN, go to app list > phone > settings > change SIM PIN.
Phone Change SIM Pin

k. Increase ring volume while in a pocket or bag.

Go to app list > settings > attentive phone > check Pocket Mode.
Settings Attentive Mode

l. Change the font size

To change the font size, go to app list > settings > ease of access > Text size.
Ease of Access Text Size

(This is part of the My HTC Windows Phone 8X Quick Start Guide Series)

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