How to Scan QR Code with Your Samsung Galaxy S3 ?

Nowadays, Quick Response (QR) codes are all over the place. You see them on newspaper advertisements, magazines, promotional material, shop storefronts, tickets, TV advertisements, business cards, posters, websites and etc.

Anyone with a smartphone (such as Galaxy S3), can download a barcode scanning app and begin scanning these codes to retrieve their stored data (URL links, geo coordinates, or text).

There are quite a few of such app on Google Play, but the one I’m going to discuss on this post is Google Goggles.

To use Goggles to scan a QR code, follow the steps below.

  1. Install the Google Goggles app.
  2. Launch the Google Goggles app and tap the Video Camera icon.
    Goggles Video Camera Icon
  3. Now, aim the camera lens at the QR code. After a couple of seconds, you see the data at the bottom of the screen.
    QR Code Scanning
  4. If it’s an URL, give it a tap to open up the website.

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