How to Create a Separate Icon/Shortcut for Each Email Account on Galaxy S3 Android ?

If you’ve multiple accounts on the stock Email app, and would like to create a (home screen) shortcut for each one of those, then there are actually quite a number of ways to do that.

But for this post, I’ll be showing you only 2 methods which I’ve been using.

Using Email widget

  1. In the application list, select Widgets tab.
  2. Scroll left or right on the widget panel to find the 1 x1 Email account widget.
    1 x 1 Email Account Widget
  3. Tap and drag the 1 x1 Email account widget to a home screen.
  4. Now, you’ll get a prompt to select an email account. Pick one and you’re done.
    Select Account Menu
  5. Tapping this icon/widget on the home screen will bring you straight to that particular account inbox.

Using Icon Changer

If your phone has already installed with the Icon Changer Free app, you can use it to create a customized shortcut for each of your email accounts.

Note: This guide assumes you’ve already installed with the Icon Changer Free app.

  1. Launch the Icon Changer free and tap the Android logo (in the centre) to select the activity or application.
  2. To create a customized shortcut for an email account, select Email account.
    Select Activity
  3. Then select the email account you would like to create a shortcut.
    Select Account Menu
  4. By default, the standard email icon will be used. If you would like to change it to something else, tap the Email icon.
  5. Select IconPack.
    Iconpack Option
  6. Select the Icon package that you would like to choose the new icon from.
    Icon Package Selection
  7. Select a new icon image and tap OK to generate a shortcut on the home screen.
    Ok Button New Icon

(Find a list of tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy S3 and Android here.)

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  1. Dean says

    Yes, it appears the the Verizon Wireless JellyBean upgrade has removed this functionality. ARGH!!!!

  2. Dave says

    I just downloaded the VZW version of JB…same deal–no Email widget to add separate accounts…somebody goofed big time!

    • Ethan says

      Did you mean the latest firmware on your S3 variant doesn’t offer a 1 x 1 Email widget ? Strange my international model has it even on Jelly Bean 4.1.1

  3. DB says

    Thank you for you quick reply. That seems like a work-around for now but I do wish Google or Samsung would fix this! Now my only other problem is I can’t sync two Microsoft Exchange calendars to the S3 (my last Samsung did it seamlessly and showed them in different colors). I can’t find a work-around for that. Do you know of any?

    • Ethan says

      I don’t have 2 Microsoft exchange accounts to try, but I’ve 2 Google calendars added (S Planner Settings > Calendar) on my S Planner, they work fine with 2 different colours.

  4. DB says

    Just got a GS3 and would love to separate my accounts (or phone may go back). I didn’t have the 1×1 widget. I tried the icon changer and successfully created a second email icon, but both the original and the new one open up to the same account (whichever one was opened last). I know someone will figure this out! Any suggestions?

    • Ethan says

      It’s strange you do not have the 1×1 email widget. Well if you don’t mind, you can install a 3rd party email app such as K-9, it comes with 1 x 1 unread widget or 1 x 1 account widget.

  5. George Vukotich says

    With the new operating upgrade it looks like the ability to set up separate icons for each email is gone. The envelop widget is gone. Any way to get the 1×1 back and keep the emails under separate icons?

    Thank you.