How to Change the Icons on Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Using Icon Changer ?

The default TouchWhiz launcher on Galaxy S3 doesn’t come with the function to change the icon images.

So in order to do that, you either have to use a 3rd party launcher or the Icon Changer app.

In this post, let’s find out how to use Icon Changer to customize the icon images on your Android phone.

  1. Install the Icon Changer free on your Android phone. In case you’re interested, here is the link to the paid version(without ads).
  2. Install the Icon Package for Icon Changer. You can also download the IOS theme icon package or use icons from other launcher themes such as ADW, Go Launcher or APEX.
  3. Now, launch the Icon Changer free and tap the Android logo (in the centre) to select the activity or application.
    Select Activity Screen
  4. For this tutorial, the calculator app is used as an example. Therefore, go to Application > Calculator.
    Calculator Option
  5. Tap the calculator icon to get the pop-out menu, and then select IconPack.
    Iconpack Selection
  6. Select the icon package that you would like to get the new icon image from.
    Change Icon Option
  7. Finally, select the new icon image. And the Icon Changer will generate a new “shortcut” with the new image on the home screen.
    Icon Package Screen

Note: In summary, the Icon Changer app doesn’t replace your existing icon, it just merely creates a new “shortcut” with the new icon image that you can place on the home screen or anywhere else on your phone.

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