How Do You Setup Bluetooth Pairing on Samsung Galaxy S3 ?

With Bluetooth, your Galaxy S3 can pair with other devices for file sharing or work as the “gateway” to the Internet.

Let’s find out how to enable such a useful feature on your Galaxy S3.

Note: In this tutorial, a Nexus 7 is used as the pairing device for illustration purpose. If you’re using a different type of device, you must adjust some of the steps accordingly.

  1. On your Nexus 7, go to Settings, and select Bluetooth to see the Bluetooth screen. Slide the Bluetooth switch to the right, and then tap the Nexus 7 icon to make it visible to other Bluetooth devices.
    Bluetooth Screen
  2. On your Galaxy S3, go to home Settings, and select Bluetooth to see the Bluetooth screen. Slide the Bluetooth switch to the right, and it will start scanning for nearby Bluetooth device. (If not, you can initiate the scanning by tapping Scan at the bottom of the screen)
    S3 Bluetooth Screen
  3. If the Nexus 7 is closed by (within 10m), your Galaxy S3 should be able to detect and list it in the Available devices. Now, tap the Nexus 7 icon to get a prompt with a 6-digit passkey on your phone and the tablet. Make sure both numbers appear to be the same.
    Bluetooth Pairing Request
  4. Now, tap OK on both devices to establish the pairing. A successfully paired device will appear in Paired devices section on your Galaxy S3.

Once your Galaxy S3 has successful paired with a device, you can start sharing file. For example, if you want to send a photo across, open the photo on the Gallery, and then select the option for sending data via the Bluetooth.

How to Enable Your Galaxy S3 to Share Internet Connection via Bluetooth ?

Now, that you have paired your Galaxy S3 with a Nexus 7, the Internet sharing (Tethering) feature can be enabled by following the steps below.

  1. On your Galaxy S3, go to home Settings > More settings > Tethering and portable hotspot.
  2. Tick the Bluetooth tethering checkbox.
  3. For Nexus 7 to access the Internet using Galaxy S3’s connection, you need to enable “Use for Internet access” by just tapping this option in Galaxy S3 Bluetooth profiles on Nexus 7.
    Paired Bluetooth Device Screen

(Find a list of tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy S3 and Android here.)

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  1. Rafay Khalid says


    Your article is very helpful but I want to use the internet on Nokia E51 on Galaxy S3. I have installed Joikuspot on E51 to create a wifi Hotspot but it only creates an ad-hoc network and android doesn’t support ad-hoc connections as per my knowledge. So I was thinking of using the internet through bluetooth. But I cant seem to find a way of using internet through bluetooth on the S3. Your help in this regard will be really appreciated.