How to Sync Bookmarks Between Chrome (Desktop) and Internet Browser on Samsung Galaxy S3 ?

If you go to the Bookmark screen on preloaded (stock) Internet Browser, you should see a Local section, and then follow by the Google account section(s) – assuming you’re already signed in with a Google account.

Those in Local are the bookmarks being stored on the phone locally.

But if you would like your bookmarks to sync with multiple Chromes, put them in your Google account.
Bookmarks Screen

To sync Internet Browser bookmarks with Chrome, complete the steps below:

  1. You have to save bookmarks in your Google account instead of Local.
  2. On your phone, make sure the Sync Internet in your Google account is enabled.
  3. On your Chrome, sign in using the same Google account and make sure Bookmark sync is enabled  on the Advanced sync settings page
    Advanced Sync Settings Page

After completing the above checklist items, you should see the same set of identical bookmarks in your Chrome and Internet Browser on your Galaxy S3.

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2 Responses to How to Sync Bookmarks Between Chrome (Desktop) and Internet Browser on Samsung Galaxy S3 ?

  1. My Bookmarks Between Chrome (Desktop) and Internet Browser on Samsung Galaxy S3 were synced for the first few months but they have stopped. Everything is set up as described above. Any suggestions?

    • Ethan says:

      Sorry, I haven’t have a clue. Maybe you can try to seek for advice from some of the popular android forums. Else you can make use of the Chrome browser on your Android and login to get the same bookmarks.

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