How to set Date and Time on Samsung Galaxy S3 ?

This post will briefly touch on how to set the time and date on your Samsung Galaxy S3.  It’s crucial that you have the time and date set correctly as some of the apps do need that to work properly.

By default, the date and time are shown on your lock screen. But you can turn it off easily by going to Settings > Security and lock screen > Lock screen options > Clock

To set the time and date on your Galaxy S3:

  1. Go to home Settings > Date and time.
  2. By default, you would have the Automatic date and time and Automatic time zone checked, which means you’re getting the time/date information from the cellular network. In this case, it needs either mobile network or Wi-Fi connection to work properly.
    Date and Time Automatic Options
  3. If you uncheck the “Automatic” options, you will see the Set Date, Set time and Select time zone options no longer grayed out. You can now set the time and date manually.
    Date and Time Manual Options

Note: If the battery is removed from the device or remains fully discharged for too long, the time and date will be reset.

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