How to Set A Voice Command to Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S3 ?

Samsung Galaxy S3 can be quite fun if you try out some of their cool features.

And, when talking about cool features, one of them has to be the S Voice, which lets you interact with the phone in a more “human” style.

You can use the voice command feature offered by S Voice to do lots of things such as unlocking your phone, making calls, opening apps, sending a message and etc.

In this post, I would like to show you how to unlock or access certain apps on your phone’s lock screen using the voice commands, which are called wake-up commands in Samsung’s terminology.

To set the wake-up commands on Galaxy S3, follow the steps below.

  1. On your phone, go to Home Settings > Security and lock screen > Lock screen options and tick the Wakeup in lock screen checkbox.
  2. Next, tap the Set wake-up command option.
    Lock Screen Options
  3. On the Set wake-up command screen, you have the options to record the voice commands to access the S Voice app and perform 4 other functions out of the given list of 8 functions – Unlock, Check for missed calls, check for missed messages, Open Camera, Check Schedule, play music, play radio and record voice.In this tutorial, I will select Unlock screen function as an example. Once you’ve learnt how to setup this one up, you can follow similar steps to do the rest.
    Set Wake Up Command Screen
  4. To set a voice command to unlock screen, tap the Wake-up function 1.
  5. On the Change function screen, tap Unlock.
    Change Function: Unlock
  6. Follow the on screen instructions to record your voice command.
    Record Voice Command Instructions
  7. Now, when your phone wakes up from standby mode, you’ll see the “Swipe screen or say wake-up command to unlock” message on the lock screen, say the command to unlock the screen.
    Lock Screen Message

While voice commands may sound somewhat cool, one thing you need to know is that, when the phone is in sleep mode, you still have to press either the Power button or Home button to wake up the screen before “speaking” to it.

If you’re using some forms of authentication such as PIN, Password, Face and Voice recognition to secure your phone, then you would still need to perform the authentication after the voice commands have been accepted.

So, does it sound useful to you? Well, I will let you figure it out.
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