How to Transfer/Export Messages from iPhone to Galaxy S3 using Samsung Kies ?

A few days ago I’ve written a guide on how to transfer messages from iPhone to Galaxy S3 Android using apps such as iSMS2droid and SMS Backup & Restore. If you find that too complicated to follow, here is a much easier way, thanks to Samsung Kies.

Please note that, before you execute the 1st step, you should have done a backup for your iPhone data.

  1. Connect your Android phone to the PC using the USB cable.
  2. Launch Kies and wait for it to recognize your phone.
  3. At the Transfer your Back Up data from non-Samsung device section, select Apple.
    Non Samsung Device Selection
  4. Now, you will see a pop-up window that allows you to select the items you would like to import.

    Also, it’s smart enough to find your latest backup folder. But, if that’s not what you want, change the path by clicking the Change button.

    Once you’re done with the selection, tick the I agrees checkbox and click Start.Select Items to Import Window

  5. The import will begin and DO NOT disconnect your phone from PC.
    Transfer Data from non Samsung Device Windows
  6. Once done, click the Complete button.
    Transfer Completed

Now, you can try transfer other items such as music files, photos and videos, notes and etc.

(Find a list of tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy S3 and Android here.)

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5 Responses to How to Transfer/Export Messages from iPhone to Galaxy S3 using Samsung Kies ?

  1. Breith says:

    Wep. The application crashs when I load the SMS database.

  2. Mani says:

    Yah…we are unable to import the back from ios6 OS iphone data into samsung gs3…is there are any solution yet?

  3. Earl says:

    thats great but Kies doesnt support the new iphone IOS 6…. so i am unable to transfer any of my data

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