The “Complete action using” Menu and Clear Default on Galaxy S3 Android Phone

If you’ve been using Android phone, most probably you’ve seen the “Complete action using” option menu.

This menu appears when the Android system has more than one app that can perform a specific action.

For those who have yet to see this, let me give you 2 examples and some screen captures so that you’ve a clearer picture of what I’m trying to say.

The first example is when you want to watch a video on Google. You’ll get prompted with the “Complete action using” menu of a list of apps (that can play a video), when you click a video from the Google search result.

Another example, which I would like to explain in more detail, is witnessed after the installation of the Skype app. You’ll see the “Complete action using” menu when you try to dial a contact from the phonebook.

To continue, you need to pick the app you prefer. In this tutorial, I picked Phone (,making a call using mobile line).

And to avoid seeing this annoying menu every time you make a call, you can tick the Use by default for this action checkbox.

Complete Action Using Menu

Now, what if you’ve made a wrong selection and saved it as default ? Can you get back the same prompt to make a new selection ?

Fortunately, this is possible. You just need to do a Clear defaults on that particular app.

Go to Home Settings > Application Manager > All > Phone > Clear defaults.

Phone app in app Manager

What if you’ve wrongly selected Skype instead ? Then go to Home Settings > Application Manager > All > Skype > Clear defaults

I hope you get the idea.

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  1. raphael haberkorn says

    Hi, I just want to be my phone as default and not to see this anoying menu (phone or skype)every time. How to do please!There is no “use by default for this action” under PHONE.

  2. peter says

    this option is not working for me.. i want the “complete action” menu back but i haven´t been able to restore it. the clead defaults button is not enabled.

    • Ethan says

      Make sure you have selected the app which you have made the default, else try to install another app that perform the same action.