Tips and Tricks for Samsung Keyboard on Galaxy S3

Unlike its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with only a Samsung keyboard. Hate it or love it, you got to use it until you find a better keyboard app at the Play store.

If you’ve decided to stick to it, below is a list of tips and tricks that can help you to improve your efficiency in using this default keyboard.

  1. Double-tap the up arrow button to switch the alphabet buttons to upper case. The up arrow changes to blue and one more tap will switch back to lower case.
    Up Arrow Key
  2. Other than using the up arrow button to toggle between uppercase and lowercase, you can also tap and hold (about 1 sec) on any lowercase alphabet buttons to get the uppercase version.
    f Alphabet Button
  3. Tap and hold the .com button get more domain extension buttons.
    Dot Com Button
  4. Tap and hold (1 sec) the top row of alphabet buttons to type the numbers.
    Upper Case R Button
  5.  To activate the “Swype” feature, go to Settings > Language and input > Samsung keyboard > .  Check the Continuous input option.
    Continous Input Option
  6. “Swype” is a method of text input which allows you to sweep on the keypad, in order to create a word. (If you still can’t figure out what it’s, there are many videos on youtube that can help.)

    Swype Demo

  7. Tap and hold (1 sec) the full stop button for quick access to more punctuation marks.
    Full Stop Button
  8. You can get accented and special characters by tapping and holding some of the alphabet buttons.
    Accented and Special Characters
  9. To enable voice typing, go to Settings > Language and input > and make sure Google voice typing is checked.  Then go to Samsung keyboard settings and make sure Voice input is checked. On the virtual keyboard, tap and hold the Settings button (beside space bar) to get the microphone icon.
    Google Voice Typing
  10. If predictive text feature is enabled, the phone will learn the words while you’re typing and this list of words are available on Settings > Language and input > Samsung Keyboard Settings > Predictive text > My word list. Here, you can add or delete any words manually.
    My Word List
  11. After the recent upgrade, you now have to swipe the space bar to left or right to toggle between input languages.
    Space Bar
  12. So far, the fastest way I’ve found to change a keyboard while typing a SMS, note or email is by dragging down the notification panel and then tap the Settings icon to access the Language and input screen.  Once you have switched to a new keyboard, click the Back button (a few times) to get back to the app you’re working on. Does anyone have a better suggestion ?
    Notification Panel Settings Icon
  13. Off-the-shelf, Galaxy S3 comes only with a Samsung keyboard. If you’re really not happy with it, many options are available on Play Store. Since I wasn’t too picky, I’m okay with the Samsung keyboard.
  14. But having said that, I did try out a few of highly rated keyboard apps such as Swiftkey, Slideit, Swype, Go keyboard and Jelly bean keyboard. If you’re interested, you can try them out too and pick one that meets your requirements. See how to install a keyboard app on Samsung Galaxy S3.

    Unfortunately, not all of them are free apps.
    Select Input Method

(Find a list of tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy S3 and Android here.)

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  1. Clint says

    I thnk keyboards are not samsung’s strength. The stock keyboard infuriates me constantly.

    Why is there a settongs button on it? Seriously, settings should be a menu option and not a keyboard button. So many times i have typed and hit this button by mistake. It gets beyond annoying over time to launch into different screens and realise after a few extra keystrokes.

    Also, the delete button should be in a different spot. Right above the enter key is just not on…so many times i have gone to delete what ive typed only to mis-hit and send the message.

    Lastly, the buffer zone between keyboard and screen is too small. Many times have i gone to type a character on the top row to also just miss and have my cursor point change as i hit the text screen in the middle of something i have previously typed, thus forcing a nice correction process to removed the words in the middle of my previius typed words.

    It gets to the point i dont write many emails anymore because of how frustrated i am with it all

    • Ethan says

      Well, the stock keyboard does pose a bit of challenge. Btw, you can change the Settings button to something else by long tapping on the button and then select other options.

      I’ve been using SwiftKey 3 since I got it during last sale. I quite like the word prediction and it has the options to make the buttons bigger. Maybe, this might help.

  2. FrankL says

    I like Swiftkey 3 (I don’t like the Beta 4 Flow version).
    But Swiftkey doesn’t alway give predictions. On internet for example. Samsung gives predictions everywhere!

    But the thing I really miss on the Samsung Keyboard are the arrow keys (up,down left and right). That’s the only reason why I stick to Swiftkey 3.
    When I type a mistake with the Samsung keyboard, I cannot arrow backward. Then I have to put the cursor with my thick fingers on the right spot. No Arrows, that’s a big minor.

  3. FrankL says

    When you are typing a word and you want to delete the prediction, just click and hold on the predicted word. Now there will be a possibility to remove it from the list.

    Adding new words will be automatically by entering it while writing a text.

  4. FF999 says

    Re No 9
    “If predictive text feature is enabled, the phone will learn the words while you’re typing and this list of words are available on Settings > Language and input > Samsung Keyboard Settings > Predictive text > My word list. Here, you can add or delete any words manually.”
    Do you know of any alternative to adding words other than the ‘My Words’ list? Since an update yesterday, it’s disappeared, along with all the other options for Predictive text. I now only have the choice of (a) my phone learning from personalised data (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail) or not learning. No more chance to add words. It now refused to type my own name.

    • Ethan says

      I have no idea if there’s an alternate way. Btw, what version of OS have you upgraded to ? Might not be a good suggestion, but if you get too tired troubleshooting you can go for a third party keyboard. I’m currently using SwiftKey 3.

  5. says

    I just bought this phone and I cannot find the icon for the key board on the screen. Sorry it is a silly question, but I cannot find it

    • Ethan says

      Tap on any text input fields, for example browser URL bar, you should see the virtual keyboard appears on your phone.