How to Transfer Contacts and Pictures between iPhone and Galaxy S3 using Bump ?

There’s nothing much we can do about iPhone’s incapability to form Bluetooth connection with other phone for file transfer. But there are always alternatives and BUMP app is one of them.

In order for BUMP to work, both phones have to have the BUMP app, location service turned on and Internet connection.

Once you get those things ready, you’re good to go.

  1. Open Bump app on your iPhone.
  2. Open Bump app on your Galaxy S3 or any other Android phones.
  3. On your iPhone’s Bump app, tap to select the pictures you would like to transfer.
    iPhone Bump App
  4. Hold the phones and gently bump hands together.
  5. Click Connect on both phones and the photos will be transferred over to Galaxy S3 and store in Pictures/Bump folder.
    Galaxy s3 and iPhone 3gs

Of course, the same procedure can be used to transfer pictures and contacts from an Android phone to iPhone.

Find out more about Bump app here.


(Find a list of tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy S3 and Android here.)

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  1. Vol.H says

    Looks like a cool app. Does it upload contact data on their servers? I am a bit weary of sending such info due to privacy concerns.

    So far, I managed to transfer my iPhone contacts to my new Galaxy using CopyTrans Contacts (which does everything off-the-hook).

    However, I am still looking for offline ways to transfer my iPhone pics to my new phone.

    • Ethan says

      Well, in their FAQ it does specifically mention bump have access to the contacts you “bump”