How to Capture a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S3 ?

If you have been reading my blog, you probably have noticed that I’ve done lots of screen captures to explain things in most of my how-to posts.

Readers always pay more attention to pictures, and at the same time, these pictures help to enhance their understanding too.

Doing a screen capture on Galaxy S3 is easy, not to mention you don’t need to install any additional app to do that. Therefore, I don’t see a reason not to make full use of it in helping me in most of my posts.

If you’re still wondering “how to do this”, this post will show you all the ways I’ve discovered on how to capture a screenshot on Galaxy S3.

To capture a screenshot on Galaxy S3, below are the 3 methods:

  1. Press the Power key and Home key.

    Press the Power key and Home key simultaneously for about 1 second. If your phone is not on silent or vibration mode, you should hear the shutter sound.

    The image is saved as .PNG file in Pictures/Screenshots folder.

  2. Swipe with your palm.

    Swipe with your palm to the left or right across the screen to capture a screenshot. This feature is turned on by default. If it isn’t, go to Settings > Motion > Palm swipe to capture to turn it on.

    The image is saved as .PNG file in Pictures/ Screenshots folder.
    Swipe Palm to Capture Screenshot

  3. Using Apps.

    There are a couple of apps (free and paid) out there that come with more features than just doing a screenshot capture.  Some of the common features offered by these apps are the abilities to change the file format, crop the image, set the folder location and etc.

    While the features seem interesting, your phone does need to be rooted in order to work with some of them. And from the 5 apps that I’ve tested, 2 didn’t worked with my non rooted android 4.0 phone.

    Also, Tthe full featured version usually comes with a small price tag which I seriously don’t see a reason why you have to pay for it.

    But, having said that, if you’re still interested to know how they fare on Samsung Galaxy S3 then below are the results of my testing.

    • Screenshot – It didn’t work on my non-rooted phone.
    • Screen capture – When I tried to run it, it showed an error that the OS isn’t supported.
    • Screenshot UX – It works on Galaxy S3. This app compliment with the built-in screen capture functionality by letting you to capture a screen using the above no. 1 or no. 2 method and do the cropping,  image editing offered by the app.The free version only allows you to take up to 14 screenshots and with USD 4 you get the full version.
      Screenshot UX
    • Screenshoter – It says to work with non rooted phone with the condition that you need to turn on the debugging mode and download its driver. Anyway, I didn’t bother to try it.
    • Screen cut – This is an add-on that MUST be used with Dolphin browser. It works on Galaxy S3 and comes with 3 options: capture a defined area, capture a visible content and capture the whole page.
      Screen Cut Option

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