Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera: Quick Tips and Tricks

(This is part of the My Quick Start Guide for Samsung Galaxy S3 Series.)

I’m sure everyone agrees that Galaxy S3 is more than just a phone in your pocket. With its built-in 8-megapixel camera, you can capture photo in very high resolution.

On top of that, it also has a built-in camcorder that let you take and play back high definition video.

In this post, instead of describing a step-by-step guide on how to take a photo with this advanced camera, which I’m very sure most of you already know, I’m going to list down the tricks and  tips that I’ve learnt after playing with it for a month.

If you have tips and tricks that aren’t cover here, please share them in the comments below.

  1. Quick access to Camera app.

    On the lock screen, tap and swipe the Camera app to directly accessing the camera preview screen. If you have PIN security enabled on your phone, you will still need to enter the 4-digit code before getting to the preview screen.
    Lock Screen with Camera App

  2. Quick access to Camera app via motion.

    With Galaxy S3 built-in motion recognition, you can launch the camera app by tapping and holding the screen while rotating the device to landscape position.  Again, if you have PIN security enabled on your phone, you will see the PIN code screen instead.

    To enable this feature, go to Settings > Security > Lock screen options > Camera quick access

    Note: When you enable Camera quick access, the motion activation will be enable automatically in the SettingsCamera Quick Access

  3. Zoom in and zoom out.

    To zoom in, place two fingers on the screen and slowly spread them apart. To zoom out, pinch them together. You can also zoom in or out with the Volume key.

  4. Take pictures of moving objects.

    Using burst mode on Galaxy S3 to take 20 pictures in 3 seconds if you’re trying to capture a moving object. If Best shot option is activated, the camera will take 8 pictures in one go, and then let you select the best photo to save.To enable burst mode, go to Camera app > Settings > Shooting mode > Burst shot

  5. Tap to focus.

    Tap where you want to focus on the preview screen. The white focus frame moves to the place you tapped and changes to green when the subject is in focus.

  6. Capture panoramic photos.

    To active the panoramic mode, go to Camera app > Settings > Shooting mode > Panorama

    *Honestly, I’ve yet to master the skill to take a really nice panoramic photo.

  7. Take photos by saying “smile”

    If you’re too lazy to press the shutter button or worry that touching the screen would cause the camera to shake, then you can make your life easier by activating the voice command.

    To activate this feature:

    1. Go to Settings > Language and input.
    2. Tap Voice cmd for apps.
    3. Enable Voice cmd for apps function and make sure Camera check box is ticked.

    Note: This feature may not work very well in a noisy environment.
    Voice cmd for apps

  8. Include location information on your photos.

    To tag your photos with location information you need to enable 2 things.

    1. Enable GPS on your phone. (Drag the notification bar downwards to access the GPS on/off  function)
    2. Enable GPS tag in Camera setting by going to Camera app > Settings > GPS tag.

    To confirm location information is indeed captured on a photo:

    1. View the particular photo using Gallery app.
    2. Press the Option Key.
    3. Tap Details. You should see an address for Location field.

    Photo Details with Location Info

  9. Turn on anti-shake.

    Activate the feature to reduce blur caused by device’s movement. I was surprised this handy feature is off by default.

    To enable this feature, go to Camera Apps > Settings > Anti-Shake

  10. Edit shortcut buttons.

    Wishing to customize the shortcut buttons on the camera’s screen? Yes, this can be done. Tap and hold any existing buttons on the left to see a menu that lets you choose additional buttons to put on the screen. Drag the buttons to replace any existing unwanted ones on the left.

  11. Turn off shuttle sound.

    I found that some owners have the Galaxy S III variants that come with the Shutter sound off/on option in their camera settings, which is good for them.  If you do not have this option on your non rooted phone, like the one I’m having now, then you can quickly lower the volume to vibration mode using the Volume button, or make use of the Sound/Mute/Vibrate button on the notification panel, before snapping a photo of someone you admire secretly.

(This is part of the My Quick Start Guide for Samsung Galaxy S3 Series.)

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