How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Gmail Contacts using My Contacts Backup App?

A couple weeks ago I’ve written a post that shows you how to transfer iPhone contacts to Google contacts and subsequent ends up on your Samsung phone, in this case Samsung Galaxy S3.

While most replies are positive, but there are few were really disappointed that their iPhone contacts just won’t go into Google contacts even after following every step outlined in that post.

If you’re still having this problem, here is another method to export your iPhone contacts to Gmail contacts with the help of My Contacts Backup App.

This is a more manual way that involves the installation of My Contacts Backup app on your iPhone.

Just note that My Contacts Backup App comes with 2 versions: Free and USD1.99. The free version only allows you to export maximum of 500 contacts with only one method, which is via email.

So if you have contact entries are less than 500, you’re good to go with this one.

To Transfer iPhone Contacts to Gmail Contacts using My Contacts Backup App:

  1. Install My Contacts Backup app on your iPhone.
    My Contacts Backup
  2. Once installed, access the app and tap Backup to start exporting all your contacts to vCard file.
    My Contacts Backup Backup Button
  3. When the export is completed, tap Email.
    My Contacts Backup Email Button
  4. Enter the email address and tap send. It’s easier that you enter the Gmail address that will eventually imported all these contacts.
    Send Backup File
  5. Log into your Gmail account and  open up that email.
  6. In the email, click Import to Contacts.
    My Contacts Backup Email
  7. The go to Google conacts by selecting Contacts from the drop down menu at the top left corner.Gmail Drop Down Menu
  8. You should see all the contacts imported to My Contacts, and for some reason an additional group with the import date as the name is created.
  9. To delete this group, click on the group name, go More > Delete Group.
    G Contact Page
  10. Click OK to confirm you would like to delete the group.
    Delete Group Confirmation
  11. That’s it, you should still see the all the contacts remain in My Contacts.

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  1. Ramin says

    I am on iPhone 3 iOS 4.2.1. My Contacts Backup0 require minimum 4.3. I cannot upgrade to 4.3 (iTunes does not allow that, well it says my iphone is uptodate).
    Is there a similar application that works with earlier versions of iOS?

  2. desmond says

    Hi Ethan, I bought My Backup Pro cos my contacts exceeded 500. I backed up to vcard and emailed myself.

    However, when I tried to import, gmail says the file is too big to import…. appreciate your help on this man

    Much thanks!!!

  3. Wayne says

    Works brilliant!! Thank you! Also the FREE version of the “my contacts backup” APP transferred all 2100 of my contacts!! No need to buy the full app.

  4. Mohammad says

    Thanks alot. This is great. It helped me as I was experincing a problem in transfering my contacts from my iphone to my galaxy s3.

    • Ethan says

      MCbackup is using one of your email accounts setup in your iPhone. Well, instead of clicking Send, you can click Cancel, then select Save Draft. Now you can go to the draft folder of that particular email account to find the mail and get the attached file.

      Alternatively, the Pro version allows the backup file to send to your PC using wireless connection.

  5. Anne says

    Thanks Ethan, thanks for the clear instructions.
    It’s a life saver. The switch from iphone to S3 has been made easier :)

  6. Yanssen, S says

    This is great! Is the same export of iPhone contacts possible to other email accounts such as Yahoo?

    • Ethan says

      Yah, it should work with yahoo address book, as it supports importing contacts from a vcf file too.

      From what I know, yahoo also supports importing contacts directly from Gmail contacts

    • Ron Kenneth says

      You can also try exporting your iPhone contacts to your computer via CopyTrans Contacts, then import the contact entries from your PC directly to your Yahoo account.