Responsive Plugin Helps to Convert a WordPress Theme into Responsive Theme

In view that mobile devices will become the most popular way to access the Internet, responsive web design has become a hot topic in web development world nowadays.

As a web designer, you wish to offer the best experience to all visitors regardless what gadgets they’re using to access  your site.

If your WordPress theme doesn’t come with responsive feature, don’t be sad, perhaps the responsive plugin is something you can explore.

I came across this plugin page while I was researching information on this topic and tweaking my own site to make it more responsive.

The plugin looks promising which claims to be able to convert any WordPress theme into responsive theme.  Hmm.. I wonder would it work well with my directory theme?

This plugin has yet to be released. But if you’re as interested as me, do leave your email on their website to get an alert in the future.

No, there’s no affiliate link here.

Responsive Plugin

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