Installing and Using Applications on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

(This is part of the My Quick Start Guide for Samsung Galaxy S3 Series.)

The best thing about owning a smartphone is that you can download abundance of apps to your phone to make it even smarter.

There are apps for checking cinema listings, chatting with friends, using social networks like Facebook, consolidating news from various sources and playing games.

Whatever tasks you need to do in life there seems to be an app that can help you. Alright, this might sound a bit exaggerated, but one thing we can’t deny is that some of the great apps have helped to change the way we live our life.

In this post, you’ll find out where to get these apps, how to install these apps and more on your Galaxy S3.

Where to Get the Apps?

The Galaxy S3 running on Android operating system offers you various ways to download and install apps. But the easiest and most popular ways have to be these 2:

  • Google Play (formerly known as Android Market)
  • Samsung Apps

Both virtual stores can be accessed directly on your phone by simply tapping on their icons. They both offer free and paid apps.

Samsung Apps and Play Store

To access Google Play store you need to use the Gmail account, whereas Samsung Apps requires you to create a different account.  You can create this account on Samsung apps website or on your phone itself.

How to download an app to you phone?

This one is easy. Here, I’m just going to quickly run through an app installation process of Google play. As for Samsung Apps, it follows more or less the same process.

  1. You should login to your Gmail account on the Galaxy S3.
  2. Tap Play Store on your phone.
  3. On the Play store, there are various ways to find the app you want, by going to the categories, editor’s choice, staff picks, ranking charts, search and etc. If you know the app’s name, you can do a search in the search box, for example facebook.
    Search  Box on Play Store
  4. Tap the app from the search result.
    App Search Result
  5. On the facebook app page, tap the Install button.
    Install Button
  6. Tap Accept & Download to accept the terms and conditions, and start downloading.Accept and Download
  7. Once the installation has completed, tap the Open button to launch the app.
    Open Button

How to uninstall an app on your phone?

  1. On the home screen, tap Apps icon to access the application tray.
    Application Tray Icon
  2. On the Apps screen, press the Option key, and select Uninstall.
    Uninstall App Option
  3. Now, you should see a little minus sign on all the app icons. Tap on the app icon you would like to uninstall.
  4. When you’re prompted for a confirmation. Tap OK.
    Uninstall Comfirmation

What are the apps I’m using in on my phone ?

First off, I’m not a big fan of games, so you rarely see those apps on my phone. Besides, the awesome pre-installed apps that come with Galaxy S3, below are few apps that I find it worth the space in my phone.

Facebook – Who doesn’t know the biggest social network at the moment? This full-feature app allows you to post status update, check news feeds, upload photos, chat with friends and review events.

NewRob – A great app that sync with my Google Reader, cache the articles locally and let me read them without the need of Internet connection.

Evernote – While Evernote has many features, I’m using it mainly to jot down notes and save them in the cloud. With the same app on my iPhone/iPad, I get to access the same notes that I’ve created on Android. – This is a must have for me. It’s a dictionary, thesaurus and word pronunciation tool.

Dolphin browser – A feature-rich browser that performs as fast as the stock browser. Yes, it has tab feature just like what you get from the browsers on desktop.

Whatsapp – Good to exchange unlimited text, photos and videos with most of my friends that are using Whatsapp. The good thing is that it’s free on Android.

SmartOffice – You can get this one on Samsung Apps store. Basically, I use this to view, create and edit Microsoft office documents on my phone.

There are definitely more apps on my phone that I don’t use as frequently as the above 7, therefore I don’t think it’s necessary to list them all here.

In general, what apps to install on your phone are pretty much depending on your own requirements.

With so many apps on your phone, chances are you will use more than one app at a time. Listening to radio, while browsing the Internet sounds familiar to you?

Yes, such multitasking is all possible thanks to Android on our Galaxy S3. If you are unaware how this can be done, please read on.

How to launch and manage multiple applications?

To launch multiple apps, press the Home key while using an application. Then select another application to launch from the Home screen.

To manage multiple applications with the task manager:

  1. Press and hold the Home key, and then select Task manager > Active applications. Here you will see a list of active apps running.
  2. To switch applications, tap one from the list.
  3. To close an application, tap End.
  4. To close all active applications, tap End all.
    Task Manager

By now, you should have a clear idea of how and where to get the apps for your Galaxy S3.  With such a huge storage on the phone, surely you will have no problem installing all the important apps you need for your daily life.

(This is part of the My Quick Start Guide for Samsung Galaxy S3 Series.)

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