Using the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Internet Browser

(This is part of the My Quick Start Guide for Samsung Galaxy S3 Series.)

The browser is very likely one of the most frequently used apps on your smartphone. You use it to search for your favourite restaurants, checkout movie reviews or read newspaper articles while on the go.

With more and more websites designed to adapt their layouts to the small phone screens, you may find yourself using it more than any other apps.

Fortunately, using the browser on Android is no rocket science. If you have used one on a desktop, you should have no problem using the default browser on your smartphone.

But if you’re completely new to Android smartphone and need a quick guide to start you off, then this post should do the job.

Let’s start exploring the option keys on the browser.

Browser Options

Browser Options

  1. Reload the page you’re viewing.
  2. View page info.
  3. Enter a URL or search keyword.
  4. Access to bookmarks, history and saved pages.
  5. View thumbnails of all active browser windows.
  6. Let you subscribe to a news feed.
  7. Stop page from loading. You only see this when a webpage is loading.
  8. Browser window in incognito mode. Whatever you view on this window won’t appear in your browser history and search history.

While browsing a webpage, use the following options:

  1. Place 2 fingers on the screen and pinch them together and spread them apart to zoom in or out. Double tap the screen to get back to return to original size.
  2. Tap the Back key (beside the Home key) to go one site back.
  3. And most of the browsing functions are accessible by tapping the Option key while viewing a webpage. The options on this menu are self-explanatory.

Just in case some of you would like a more detailed step, I have also prepared the guides for some of the common functions of a browser.

How to bookmark a website?

1. To bookmark the viewing website, press the Option key and select Add bookmark.

2. Enter a name for the bookmark and tap Save.

3. To access bookmarked website, tap bookmark_icon > Bookmarks.

4. Long tap on a thumbnail of a bookmarked website to see the menu of a list of options.


How to download an image on a website?

1. Long tap on the image to see a menu appears with a list of options

2. Tap Save image. And the image will be downloaded to /download folder.

How to save a page or offline reading?

1. Tap the Option key and select Save for offline reading.

2. To read a saved page, tap bookmark_icon > Saved pages.

3. Tap on the thumbnail of the saved page to open the offline page.


Where can I find the history and most visited list?

1. Tap bookmark_icon > History.

2. For a most visited list, tap the Most visited to expand to view the list.

3. Long tap on a link/record to see a menu with a list of options appears.


How to find a string/text on a website ?

To find a text on the webpage you’re viewing,

1. Press the Option key > Find on page.

2. Enter the text in the search text box

3. Tap the up or down arrow key to page up and page down.


Using other Browsers

The built-in browser is good but you may prefer a different one to get the features not available in this browser.

Some of the most popular ones that you can find on Google Play are the following:

  • Chrome
  • Dophin HD browser
  • ICS Browser+
  • Boat Browser
  • Firefox

Try them out to see which one you meet your requirement.

(This is part of the My Quick Start Guide for Samsung Galaxy S3 Series.)

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    • Ethan says

      You mean close one tab ? On your stock browser, tap the tab icon (besides the URL field) and you should see a minus icon on the upper right corner of each tab. That’s for closing each tab.

  1. says

    When I try to save an image or download anything from the internet it stops everything .and says ur android has stopped this download and closes everything it was working fine. Before please. Help

  2. Vee. says

    I recently got the GS3 and I realized I cannot save pics from the web. I press down on the pic until the menu options comes up and hit save image but when I try to see if it finished downloading it says unsuccessful. I tried with different pics, songs, ringtones etc. I tried going thru all my settings and still have no clue. I didnt have this problem with the GS2…. Help? :(

    • Ethan says

      Does it helps after rebooting your phone ? Anyway, try seeking help from or other similar forums. Worst comes to worst, you can use other browsers.

    • Ethan says

      Go to settings > application manager > all , find your current default browser (it should be the stock browser) and clear defaults. The next time when the browser is called, you should see the Complete action using menu to prompt you to choose a browser. Choose Chrome and tap Always to make it default.

  3. Robert Manzione says

    I have the galaxy 3. When I went into my bookmarks they were all gone . But bookmarks that came with phone are still there. Is there a way to retrieve them.
    Thank you

  4. Jesse says

    I have a Samsung S3 Sprint phone, and when is was updated to the Jellybean I have been having problems with the stock browser not zooming the way gingerbread did. The font will zoom slightly when double tapped to fit screen or it I can Zoom in to read it but then I have to pan back and forth to read the article. Be for I could zoom in double tap the screen and it would re-size so I didn’t have to pan to read the article. Do you know if this is a feature they removed with Jellybean?

    • Ethan says

      If I have auto-fit pages checked (found in browser settings > advanced) it helps to zoom text to fit the screen.

  5. Ashley says

    How do you turn on the setting that makes websites and youtube think that you are not using a mobile device? instead they think you are on a computer.

  6. marian says

    By any chance can i uninstall the web browser then reinstsll? Because it freezes and closes when i sm browsing and goes back to homepage when i reopen. Thsnks

  7. Lori says

    I do not have the toolbar shown with the star to access bookmarks when I go to Internet on my GS3. I can save a bookmark but I can’t get to it later.

    • Ethan says

      If you’re talking about the stock browser, I found that if you enable Quick controls in the Settings > Labs, the URL bar (with bookmark icon) is hidden. Try disappear it.

  8. Vicki says

    I have a Samsung galaxy s3 and I cleared my history by mistake and need to try and get back the webpage I was on is there any way I can do this or see the previous pages I was on?

  9. joe says

    I have deleted the browser history, cache, forms data and everything, but after I exit the browser and open the internet browser again, it opens me the last visited page. Moreover, if i hit the back button it takes me to all the pages I visited previously. Is there a way to delete the back button browsing history also on S#

    • Ethan says

      I guess this is how it works. The same behaviour is witnessed in some other popular browser apps such as chrome and dolphin. What you can do is to close all tabs before leaving. If you tap the tab icon (besides bookmark), you will get the Close all option by pressing the Options key.

  10. Michelle says

    Hey I’ve just got galaxy 3. I want to print a pic or download from phone from my printer which is Lexmark x4650. It isn’t working. Please help anyone .

  11. ash says

    Hi im a member of a web site called arab lounge i used to check my profile but all of a sudden i can not log in to my account it just load the name and passward page again though i can log in from my ipad or my pc what can i do to fix this ?

  12. happii says

    Hi Ethan,

    My homepage is google. lol This anime page does not require pushing a “+” page to open. Like when I open my browser, it’s already there even though I close it everytime I enter the browser.

  13. happii says


    I am using the galaxy s3. For some reasons these past few days, when I open my web browser on this phone, it takes me to this anime site…. I have never been on this site before. So I exited it and killed my apps after. But when I open the btowser again, that page is there again. It happens everytime when I use the browser now. So annoying ): It’s not a bookedmark page or saved page. I tried to clear my history,cookies, and ect…. still doesn’t work. Someone please help me!

    • Ethan says

      Sounds like the anime page has become the browser homepage. Go to browser Settings > General > Set home page to change it.

  14. michael says

    This didnt help at all. Trying to save a picture from a website. Followed the above instructions to long tap the picture and nothing happens. No menus pop up and no options to save a picture. The only option i can find is to save for offline and thats not what i want.

    • brian says

      The poster of the picture your trying to copy obviously has it set so you can’t save the image…like facebook…but there is a way around this with the s3. Set your motion
      sensor so you can Swipe the screen and it’s saves the whole image. Than you can cut and crop what you want off the page….magic…

  15. Fmart322 says

    How do you refresh a page without going all the back to the top? Its inconvenient doing that and I know there has to be another a simpler, easier way.

    • Fmart322 says

      By the way I have a Galaxy s3.
      Also, if there is no easy way to do this on my stock browser, is there a browser that will do this?
      Thank you.

      • Jeff says

        When you are viewing the browser, slightly tap the space left of the home button, a menu will come up and the first option is refresh.

        • Ethan says

          On my phone’s browser, I only get the Refresh option if I turn on Quick controls under Settings > Labs.

          Anyway, here is a not-so-user-friendly method – On your browser, press the Option key (beside the home button), you should see the top address bar appears, now you can tap the circling arrow sign to refresh the webpage.

          Alternatively, you can use Chrome where the top address won’t automatically disappear. Dolphin also features a simple finger gesture to refresh the webpage.

  16. Against says

    Do you have any ideea why my e-mail address appears in bookmarks window as a drop down menu? An it’s doubled. I tried creating a folder inside that menu (not local, but and the created folder appears in both locations. To be more specific, my bookmarks appears like that: local (with my usual bookmarks), and again
    Thnx a lot.

    • Ethan says

      If you meant reloading the previous page, then I guess the only way is to close all the tabs by pressing the back button or the close tab button before you exit the browser.

      • Jeff says

        What I mean is after loading a page to view, I may get out of the browser to do something else or open more pages on the browser.

        Whenever I return to the browser after getting out, the browser will automatically refresh the page. In fact, even if I don’t get out, this will happen if I return to previous page.

        Just like to know if there is option/setting that will prevent this automatic refresh unless I choose to.

        Thanks for your help in advanced.

        • Ethan says

          As far as I know there isn’t a setting for this. I found a discussion on similar issue. Below is the feedback from one of the users.

          “Browser tabs are cached in memory while you’re in the browser so that you can quickly switch, but when you switch to another app the Android system might free up the memory used by the browser so it can be used by other apps. When you re-enter the browser, the pages are reloaded because they’re no longer cached.”

          Another advice is to ensure Settings > Developer options > Do not keep activities is uncheck.

    • Ethan says

      No such feature on the stock browser. But browser such as Dolphin offers quick gesture for you to do that. I would recommend you to install Dolphin for this and other features as well.

  17. Andre says

    Sorry i meant to mention i have the samsung galaxy s3. In the web browser settings I have set to be my default home page but please tell after browsing several websites where do I find the home button to take me back to my default home web page?

    • Ethan says

      As far as I know there isn’t a home button on the stock browser. To quickly get to your homepage, you can either make use of the bookmark or open a new “tab”.

  18. paul says

    hi so on my galaxy vibrant 4g i could select copy paste webpage text and i cant seem to on this phone. is there any way to copy web text to use in other programs?

    • Ethan says

      You mean upload saved webpages from PC to phone ? Well, you can simply copy the saved htm file/folder to your phone to one folder using the USB data cable, go to My files and then tap to view it using a browser.

  19. john says

    When I launch my browser it goest to a site. How do I change this to something more useful like

      • susan says

        I’ve done this trying to make Google my default page, but it keeps resetting to “blank” page. Any ideas?

        • Ethan says

          If you press the + sign for a new page does it get you to the right homepage ? If you only get a blank page after you’ve closed all the pages, this seems like a problem with the pre-loaded browser. Maybe it’s a bug. There are quite a number of great options out on play store. try them out. I personally use dolphin and chrome.

    • Ethan says

      On the stock browser, tap the “star” icon (besides URL bar) > Saved pages. Tap and hold the saved page you would like to delete to see the “delete saved page” prompt.