How to Set an Image as Wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy S3?


(This is part of the My Quick Start Guide for Samsung Galaxy S3 Series.)

Alright, you were told you need a dark background to save battery usage. Unfortunately, those wallpapers that come with your Galaxy S3 just aren’t themed around dark-colors, and leaving you with no choice but to find it somewhere on the Internet.

Now the question is how do you make this image file as the wallpaper on your Galaxy S3?

Well, in this post you’re going to learn 2 ways on how to do this.

i. Download the image from the web

1. Find the image on the web using the Internet browser on your phone.

2. View it in full size.

3. Long tap on the image to get a pop-up menu. Now, you can either select Save image or Set as wallpaper.


4. If you select Set as wallpaper, then you’re done and have the image appears as wallpaper.

5. But to crop or use the image as lock screen wallpaper, you need to select Save image. And the image will be downloaded to the /download folder.

6. On your phone, go to My Files > Download and tap the image file to enlarge it.

7. Press the Option key (located beside the Home key), and select Set picture as.

8. You’re prompted with options of Home and lock screens, Home screen wallpaper, or Lock screen wallpaper. Just select an option you prefer.

9. Here, you’re given the option to crop the image. Adjust the crop marquee and tap Done when you finish.


ii. Copy an image from local drive to your phone

If you have the image on your local drive, you can transfer it to your phone using the USB connection. Below is how to do it.

1. Connect your phone to your computer as a media device with a USB cable.

2. Create a folder “Wallpapers” on your phone.

3. Drag (or copy and paste) the image from your computer to the “Wallpapers” directory.

4. On the phone home screen, select Option key > Settings > Wallpaper.

5. Tap the Home screen option.

6.Tap the Gallery option.


7. You will be shown a list of folders with images. Tap on the Wallpapers folder to enter the folder.

8. Tap an image and start adjusting the crop marquee.


9. Tap Done to set it as wallpaper.

(This is part of the My Quick Start Guide for Samsung Galaxy S3 Series.)

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    • Ethan says

      On your stock browser, tap and hold an image on the website, you”ll get a pop-up menu with options such as Save image or Set as wallpaper

      • says

        I have the same problem as Lian:
        My pop-up menu does not have the option of ‘Set as Wallpaper’. It says save or internet.

  1. Alex says

    Man i dont care what any1 says i had less hassless with iphone,it only lets me set as wallp small size of midle of the photo not the whole photo its a joke

  2. Damo says

    I have downloaded another launcher (apex)and activated the feature scrolling wallpaper but when you scroll it you dont see the pic just a black background. Im guessing you need a different resolution pic since the apex wallpapers work. it sucks eh

  3. Ted says

    Why do I have to crop every picture to use as wallpaper? Is there a way to use my gallery picture as a wallpaper without cropping?

    • Ethan says

      From what I understood from few forums, the cropping thingy is something default now for s3 in Android 4.0. If you’re looking for scrolling wallpaper feature, you either have to use a different launcher such as Go Launcher EX or installing the scrolling wallpaper app.

      See this video on how to use scrolling wallpaper app.