How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S3 Android?

Updated on 28/1/2013

(This is part of the My Quick Start Guide for Samsung Galaxy S3 Series.)

After getting my Samsung Galaxy S3, one of the very first things I did is to transfer my massive contacts from iPhone to S3.

The whole process is divided into following 2 steps:

  • Syncing iPhone Contacts with Google Contacts
  • Logging in to your Gmail account on Android.

But, before you embark on exporting the contacts, you MUST make a backup of all the contacts to avoid any mistake causing data loss.

Syncing iPhone Contacts with Google Contacts

1. Connect your iPhone to the computer with iTunes.

2. On iTunes, select your phone on the left and click the Info option.
iTunes Info Tab

3. Check the Sync Contacts with check box, select Google Contacts from the drop down menu and click the Configure… button.
Sync Contacts with Menu

4. Enter your Google ID, password and click OK.
Google ID and Password

5. At the bottom of this page, click the Apply button to start exporting the contacts.

6. Lastly, login to Google contact to ensure all the contacts are imported, and then disable (untick) contacts sync with Google on iTunes.
G Contacts

Now, I would suggest that you should tidy up the contacts before exporting them to Android.

Updated Note 1: According to Ray and Wayne Freeth from the comments, if the above steps don’t work for you, try turning off “sync with iCloud” in the iPhone Settings first. Thanks guys.

Updated Note 2: If the above method doesn’t work for you, maybe you can try a more manual way of exporting using My Contacts Backup app.

Logging in to your Gmail account on Android.

When you first power on the Samsung Galaxy S3, it will ask you to login to your Gmail account. This step can be skipped.

So, if you didn’t login at the start, below are the steps to create a Gmail account on your S3.

1. Tap the Option key on your home screen.
Samsung Galaxy Option Key

2. On the appeared menu, select Settings.

3. On the Settings screen, select the Accounts and sync.

S3 SettingsAccounts and Snyc

4. On this screen, tap the Add account button at the bottom.

5. Then select Google.

Add Account ButtonG Account Option

6. On the Add a Google Account screen, select Existing.
Choosing the New option will let you go through the steps of signing up for a new Gmail account.

7. On Sign in screen, enter your username and password and then press Sign in. Following the rest of the instructions to complete signing in for the first time.

New and Existing ButtonG Sign in Screen

8. Now, go to Contacts on your phone to verify if you’re getting the similar list of Gmail contacts.
(This is part of the My Quick Start Guide for Samsung Galaxy S3 Series.)

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  1. Fabian says

    With the new version of Itunes I could not find the sync with Google. Lucky had an old version on other computer and that worked!!!! Awesome, so happy!! Thanks.
    Maybe you can help “others” that don’t have the “OLD” Itunes??

  2. says

    Hi I turned off sync with icloud on my iphone which didnt work so then I downloaded backup pro and sent myself a .vcf file with all my contacts I followed the guide above but on my galaxy i dont have accounts and sync under settings,

    Please advise

    • Ethan says

      The above guide is based on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), if you’re have the latest 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) it should be Settings > Add account > Google.

  3. BashfulCountryBoy says

    Worked perfectly, thanks. Better than earlier syncs in the distant past from Palm and other old stuff like that. Those took a day to figure out; this took minutes thanks to your guidance.

  4. says

    My itunes does not have another drop down available for gmail only outlook. I do have the latest version of itunes

    Any help gratefully accepted

  5. OzPhotoGuy says

    On I Phone I installed My Contact Backup. It asked for an email address. I gave it the Gmail address associated with the III.
    On the III I opened Gmail and open the mail from the iPhone and the 500 contacts imported.

    • Ben healy says


      I tried but i couldnt find intouch app could you help with the exact name of it and its maker



  6. says

    Thanks. The instructions to transfer contacts from iPhone to galaxy has been invaluable. Took me couple a days to do it as I am illiterate with these gadgets but somehow managed
    Thank you unr a legend

  7. Crash says

    I followed your instructions and at first it didnt work, I went back in as Ray and Wayne suggested and turned off my sync with icloud, followed your instructions agin and it worked a treat, now all my iphone contacts are on my new Galaxy SIII, thanks heaps.

  8. sarah says

    contacts were successfully transferred to google account. but i could not find any names under contact of my galaxy note.