MIUI 6/V5: How to turn on/off repeat text message notifications on Xiaomi phone?

Question: Somehow, I have enabled the reminder feature for SMS. Everytime I get a sms, and if I don’t check it then, it keeps me notifying (ringtones/vibrations) till the time I check that SMS. Can anyone please tell me how can we stop this? Thanks, Answer: On your Xiaomi phone, you can set how manyContinue Reading

How to view QIF files on your Android device?

Most bank and credit card sites allow you to download your financial/credit card statements in QIF file format for viewing or importing them into your financial software. “QIF is a short form for Quicken Interchange Format. The .qif file extension format is a protocol to transfer files from different data files related to the QuickenContinue Reading

How to fake a cracked screen on your Android device?

If you’ve always wanted to prank someone by getting them to think you have a cracked screen or a broken phone, the Crack My Screen app is what you need. With Crack My Screen, you can “crack” your screen by 2 different methods: Shake to crack. Just one shake and your screen will “crack”. ShakeContinue Reading

Galaxy S5: How to create a folder and move photos into it in Gallery?

Your Gallery is a mess? And, you wish to create folders to organize your photos? Here’s how: Open the Gallery app. Tap  > Create album. Enter a name for your new album, and then tap Create. Next, you can start moving the photos into this new folder/album by the following methods: Select the album thatContinue Reading

Galaxy S5: How to remove a misspelled word in Samsung Keyboard’s prediction bar?

Samsung keyboard is always learning from the way you type, be it your own custom words or words that you accidentally misspelled. If you see a word that shows up in the prediction bar that you don’t need, follow these steps to remove it: Long tap the word you want to remove in the predictionContinue Reading

How to screen mirror your Xiaomi device using Mi PC Suite?

The Screencast feature in Mi PC Suite lets you mirror what’s on your Xiaomi device’s screen to your computer. Here’s how: Connect your Xiaomi device to your computer. Open Mi PC Suite. Click Screencast to start the screen mirroring session. Note: You can only control screen switching on your Xiaomi device. To end the screenContinue Reading

How to screen capture using Mi PC Suite?

Mi PC Suite can capture screenshots of your connected Xiaomi device. Here’s how: Connect your Xiaomi device to your computer. Open Mi PC Suite. On your Xiaomi device, go to the screen that you want to capture. In Mi PC Suite, click the Refresh button to make sure it’s showing the similar screen that youContinue Reading

How to use File Explorer in Mi PC Suite?

Use File Explorer in Mi PC Suite to access all kinds of files and folders stored on your connected Xiaomi device. i. To view files and folders Connect your Xiaomi device to your computer. Open Mi PC Suite. You can use either one of these methods to open the File Explorer window: On the MiContinue Reading

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