Why does “Don’t vibrate” in the Phone’s settings not work on my Xiaomi phone ? (MIUI V5)

Question: By following this path: Phone app > the Menu button > Settings > Call settings > Incoming call settings, you’ll see the “Don’t vibrate” option. This option says that the phone will not vibrate when you have an incoming call. Unfortunately, I found that my phone was still vibrating for incoming calls, even IContinue Reading

Xiaomi Phone User Guide/Manual for MIUI V5

Here’s a list of tutorials that provide you with information on the software features of MIUI V5 for Xiaomi Mi 3, Redmi, Redmi 1S, Redmi Note and Redmi Note 4G. Setting up your phone MIUI V5: Setting up your Xiaomi phone for the first time Personalizing MIUI V5: Managing (add/delete/set primary) home screens on XiaomiContinue Reading

MIUI V5: Handling multiple calls on your Xiaomi phone (Call waiting)

With the Call Waiting feature, you can handle multiple calls at the same time on your Xiaomi phone. i. To activate call waiting on a single-SIM device On your Xiaomi phone, open the Phone app. Tap the Menu button > Settings > Call settings > Call waiting Slide the Call waiting switch to the right.Continue Reading

MIUI V5: Using the Browser app on your Xiaomi phone

Here, I’ll bring you 13 tips to help you get more out of the Browser app on your Xiaomi phone. i. Set a custom home page The default home page of the Browser app features many favorite links that you aren’t given the option to customize them. If you don’t find them useful, you canContinue Reading

MIUI V5: Setting up a conference call on your Xiaomi phone

With the conference feature, you can have a joint conversation with 2 or more contacts. Here’s how: During an ongoing call, tap  > Add call Call the 2nd participant by dialing the number or choose a contact from the contact list or call logs. When the 2nd participant accepts the call, the 1st call willContinue Reading

MIUI V5: What can you do during a call on your Xiaomi phone ?

When a call is in progress, you can put the call on hold, record the call, turn on the speaker, setup a conference call and more. Tap  to see more options/buttons, tap  to hide the options/buttons. Tap  to toggle the microphone on and off. Tap  to put the current call on hold. Tap  to startContinue Reading

TinTint Calendar: Turns your favorite photos into 2015 calendar in Android

Turn your favorite photos into your 2015 calendars with the TinTint 2015 Calendar app. Oh, and if you like your creation so much that you wish to have it on your office desk, you can order the physical copy and get it within 7 business days. How to use TinTint 2015 Calendar ? Download TinTintContinue Reading

How to USB tether your Galaxy S5 with a Mac computer ?

When you’re out and about at places that don’t offer Wi-Fi Internet, you can share your Galaxy S5’s mobile data connection with your Mac computer. One way of doing that is to use the Galaxy S5’s built-in USB tethering feature. In order to allow USB tethering to work with your Mac computer, you’ll need toContinue Reading

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