Why isn’t my Xiaomi phone getting WhatsApp push notifications?

Question: I’m not able to get the WhatsApp notifications on my Xiaomi phone, please help. Answer: Most often, issues with receiving WhatsApp notifications can be resolved by checking your settings: i. New message notifications on the status bar On your Xiaomi phone’s Settings, tap Notifications > Manage notifications > WhatsApp Make sure the Show inContinue Reading

Galaxy Note 4: How to view and delete clipboard contents?

The Galaxy Note 4 clipboard stores text or graphics that you copy or cut from anywhere on your phone. Here are the steps to view, paste and delete the contents in the clipboard. i. To view the clipboard contents: Method 1: Long tap a text area to see the dialog box as shown below. TapContinue Reading

Galaxy Note 4: How to organize and customize your Home screens?

The default TouchWiz launcher that comes with your Galaxy Note 4 lets you add as many as seven Home screens with one being the default Home screen which you can select. You can also delete any unwanted Home screens and personalize the Home screen transition effect. i. To add a home screen Pinch any HomeContinue Reading

AnTuTu Officer verifies whether your Android device is genuine or not

There are a lot of replica phones out there, and it is scary they look so “real” that people can’t distinguish between the genuine ones and imitations from the physical appearance itself. AnTuTu Officer is an app that helps you verify whether your Android device is genuine or fake. Read on to find out how.Continue Reading

Galaxy Note 4: How to quickly turn on & off the flashlight?

Apart from providing light in dark places to take better photos, you can use the Flashlight on your Galaxy Note 4 to find things in the dark, illuminate a dark alley and if need be, send an SOS. i. To turn on and off the flashlight Long tap an empty area on a Home screen,Continue Reading

How to use Google search to find your misplaced Android device?

No more complicated steps of opening and signing to your Android Device Manager to locate your misplaced Android device! Now, you can type the phrase “find my phone” in the Google search box, to get a map that shows your device’s location in the search results. Well, this isn’t something that works out-of-the-box. You’ll needContinue Reading

Galaxy Note 4: How to play AVI videos?

Question: I have a lot of movies in AVI format but my Galaxy Note 4 Video player doesn’t play these files. What do I need to do in order to watch these videos on my Note 4? Answer: Yes, the pre-installed Video app does not play some of the common video formats such as AVI,Continue Reading

Galaxy Note 4: How to add any file and folder shortcut to the Home screen?

If you have a folder or file (such as a PDF, video, music or an image file) that you need to access to it frequently, you can add a shortcut to your Home screen. You can use the My Files app to help you to do so. i. To add a file shortcut to theContinue Reading

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