Why is Privacy Protection only prompts for unlock pattern for the first time in my Xiaomi phone (MIUI V5) ?

Question: The in-built app lock for individual apps doesn’t work, after locking the app in privacy settings, when I try to open the app for which I’ve set up a lock, only for the first time it asks for a lock code (pattern set). Subsequently, the app opens up without asking for a lock codeContinue Reading

How to work offline in Android’s Chrome browser ?

When your Android phone/tablet is offline, Chrome will display the “You are offline” message when you try to access a website. You’ll also see the same error when you try to access the websites you’ve previously visited, which you thought the browser has the saved copies in its local cache. At the moment, Google ChromeContinue Reading

How to rotate the keyboard in Messaging on Xiaomi phone running MIUI V5 ?

Question: I am using Redmi 1s. Can you tell me how should I rotate the keyboard when I am using the stock Messaging app? Rotation is on but it doesn’t happen in the Messaging app. But when I rotate the keyboard in Google Search, it works fine. Please Help ! Answer: As far as IContinue Reading

Can you create separate inbox shortcuts to each mailbox on Galaxy S5 ?

You’ve multiple mailboxes configured in the Email app, and would like to create separate shortcuts to each mailbox on your home screen. However, there’s no 1 x 1 email widget on the Galaxy S5 for you to do so. Fortunately, there are quite a number of 3rd party email apps that let you create emailContinue Reading

How to change your Galaxy S5 email signature ?

By default, every email you send out using the stock Email app from your Galaxy S5 includes the same signature: “ Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone” If you find having such a default signature making you look like a show-off, you can easily modify or delete it by following these instructions. On your GalaxyContinue Reading

How to hide files/folders in My Files on Galaxy S5 ?

Want to hide files/folders on your Galaxy S5 without the need to download any 3rd party app ? Here’s how: On your Galaxy S5, find and launch the My Files app. Find and long tap the folder or file you want to hide. For this tutorial, I’m using the Download folder as an example. TapContinue Reading

How to disable autoplay videos on Facebook in Android ?

If you’re worried that the auto-play videos on Facebook is eating up your mobile data plan , you can adjust the auto-play settings to Off or Wi-Fi only. Here’s how: On your Android Facebook app, tap the Menu button > App settings Tap Video Auto-play. According to your own preference, select either Off or Wi-FiContinue Reading

How to quickly find “offline games” on the Google Play store ?

Looking for games which you can play while you’re traveling without Internet access ? Google Play has now featured a section for games that can be played offline. Here’s how you can quickly find them. On your device, find and launch the Play Store app. Scroll down to the section which has the title OfflineContinue Reading

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