How to record calls on Galaxy S5 without root ?

If call recording is a feature that you feel is absolutely necessary, here’s one way to have it on your non-rooted Galaxy S5. On your phone, download Automatic Call Recorder from the Google Play. When the installation finishes, launch it. Tap the Menu button and then select Settings. On the Settings screen, ensure Record callsContinue Reading

How to enable and add more options to Daydream on Galaxy S5 ?

Daydream is a screensaver that will display while your phone is charging. To enable Daydream: On your Galaxy S5, find and launch the Settings app. Find and tap Display. Tap Daydream. Slide the Daydream switch to the right, and select the item that you would like to display. In the default setup, you have theContinue Reading

A trick that let you move multiple apps between Galaxy S5 home screens at the same time

When you want to move an app from one home screen to another, you tap and drag the app icon to the home screen you want to move to. If you have many apps that you want to move to the same home screen, you can save time by following the trick below instead ofContinue Reading

Can you lock a file and folder on your Xiaomi phone running MIUI V5 ?

Question: How to lock a file or folder on my Xiaomi phone running MIUI V5 ? My Answer: As of the time of writing this, MIUI V5 only offers the capability to password-protect apps but not files and folders. So, the next question will be: “Is there a 3rd party that can do so ?”Continue Reading

How to change home screen transition effect on Xiaomi phone running MIUI V5 ?

There are a lot of cool home screen transition effects on your Xiaomi phone. Here’s how you can quickly pick one that you like: From any Home screen, make a pinching motion using two fingers. Tap Effects. Flick left & right, and then tap the effect (Overslide, Slide, Crosssfade, Tumble, Page, Cascade, Rotate or Cube)Continue Reading

How to sync/view Dropbox photos on Galaxy S5 Gallery app ?

When the Dropbox photo sync is enabled on your Galaxy S5, you can view and download the pictures that are in Dropbox in the Gallery app. To enable Dropbox photo sync : If you’ve yet to log into the Dropbox app, kindly do so now. Find and launch the Gallery app. Tap the Menu button Continue Reading

Can I set a number for emergency call on the Xiaomi phone running MIUI V5 ?

Question: How to add contact numbers in the emergency call (as like in Samsung…emergency group) list ? In an emergency, others can use the phone to inform these contacts even though the phone is locked. Answer: As of now, I don’t think you can add your personal emergency contacts on the Xiaomi phone running MIUIContinue Reading

How to hide apps on Xiaomi phone running MIUI V5 ?

Can you hide those annoying preinstalled applications or keep a sensitive app from being used by others on your Xiaomi phone ? Unfortunately, there isn’t such a feature as of yet. But, you can try the following methods: i. Disabling an unused app If there’s an app that you don’t need, it makes sense thatContinue Reading

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